Why do we not add starch

Why do we not add starch to the yummity products?

STARCH – it is not so bad as such because it is a natural polysaccharide found in all plant products. It is what a plant is composed of, together with water, fibre, macro i micro elements. Indeed, a certain kind of starch, so-called resistant starch, is even very useful for us.

So, that is the problem with this starch?

The problem arises if we start to consume so-called refined products, high in starch, instead of valuable flours. These products have a high Glycaemic Index, which means that they raise glucose level in blood very rapidly. Dietary fibre, numerous vitamins and mineral ingredients are all absent in them. For us, they become of no value, or even, let us not hesitate to use these words, frequently unhealthy! Consuming the products of this kind is conducive to the development of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, the diseases of the circulatory system, and even neoplasms. It increases a whole body inflammatory state, leads to abdominal obesity, bad mood and depression.

People who avoid gluten due to medical considerations (e.g. Suffering from coeliac disease) have to pay even more attention to what they eat than the healthy ones. Improperly balanced diet, i.e. A diet rich in refined flours, in starches, may result in their cases in the development of anaemia, developmental defects (in the case of children), and numerous deficits.

Let us choose food products consciously! Let us read labels!

Are you on a gluten-free diet? Look for valuable alternatives to gluten-free corns. To compare, flour made of amaranth has as many as 150 times more calcium, and 240 times more magnesium than potato or corn starch.

A gluten-free product itself is of no value for you if, after consuming it, your organism does not receive valuable ingredients. It does matter what product you will choose…