Superfoods Inulin

Superfoods – Inulin

Inulin is a component of dietary fibre. It occurs naturally in common dandelion and chicory root. It has impressive health-promoting properties:

It is a natural prebiotic

– inulin ferments in the large intestine. It stimulates growth of the beneficial gut flora, improves your immunity, has a positive influence on your nervous system, regulates your metabolism and contributes to loss of weight. Inulin might also decrease the risk of cancer, mostly colorectal cancer, but also prostate cancer and breast cancer.

It helps regulate blood cholesterol level,

which is a result of inulin’s ability to bind fatty acids in the intestine. Consumption of inulin helps both healthy people and those suffering from cardiovascular problems to maintain correct lipid profile. It might therefore be an important factor in preventing atherosclerosis.

It is perfect for diabetics

– it has a positive influence on regulation of the body’s carbohydrate metabolism, it slows down absorption of sugar from food to the blood.

It increases bone mineralization

by improving bio-availability of certain minerals (mostly calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc) and increasing their absorption in the blood circulation system.


You can find inulin in one of our gluten-free pancakes.

Recommended by Aneta Korzeniecka, nutritionist