Freeze-dried fruits

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables

Colloquially speaking, lyophilization is done by quick and controlled freeze-drying of products. More precisely, it is the process of drying a substance by freezing it (- 50°C), then sublimation of ice crystals. Air drying is the final stage of the process.

Dehydration was first used in 1960s to preserve food for astronauts. Dehydrated fruit and vegetables retain their appearance, color, flavor, vitamins and nutritional values in approximately 90%. You can eat them straight out of the package by adding them to your porridge – you don’t need to cook them.

  • Not only are such foods very tasty – they are also rich in many valuable substances.
  • The products retain nearly all of their nutritional value.
  • They have the same taste, shape and form, contrary to traditional drying.
  • Dehydration does not lead to loss of vitamins or minerals – only water is removed!
  • Dehydrated fruit and vegetables are effectively protected from development of many types of microflora – they are “preserved without preservatives”.
  • The process is completely safe as it eliminates most microbial contamination. Dehydration of the products allows to provide our bodies with more nutrients compared to traditionally dried products.

Dehydrated vegetables are used for preparing our Quick Dishes. Their formula drawn up by dieticians and chefs makes them wholesome, aromatic and healthy meals, a source of fibers and other important vitamins and minerals.